Part 1:Business of Film with Kieran Corrigan

Part 2: Craft and Business with Roger Corman

Detailed Content

Part 1: Business of Film

Module 1: Sources of funding:

  • Public schemes
  • Awards
  • Crowd funding for film

Module 2: Film Finance:

  • Co-productions
  • Pre-sales
  • Private equity
  • Gap financing

Module 3: Budgeting:

  • Key budgetary issues
  • Challenges

Module 4: Film Tax Incentives

Module 5: Sales and Distribution:

  • Issues
  • Strategies


Part 2: Craft and Business of Film

Module 1: Introduction and Discussion

  • Corman’s Filmmaking Philosophy:
    • Learning by watching movies (good and bad)
    • Technique, movement, actors and cut
    • The role of the mentor
    • Spending money efficiently and intelligently

Module 2: Practical Lessons for Filmmakers

  • Budget conscious writing:
    • The importance of the story and the script
    • Use of natural locations in your writing
  • Smart Pre-Production:
    • Using this time wisely
    • Solving problems in advance of shooting
    • Sketching of shots beforehand
  • Talent Management:
    • Seeking out new talent
    • Taking time in casting
    • Complex performances through improvisation
  • On-Set Strategies
    • Confidence on-set
    • The role of the producer during production
    • Flexibility with shots
  • The Use of the Camera:
    • Framing shots
    • Setting up of shots
    • Camera movement
  • Post-Production:
    • Tips for making it go smoothly
    • Supporting the director

Module 3: Future Challenges and Strategies

  • The rise of television
  • How young independent filmmakers are challenging the establishment
  • Sourcing financing today
  • Overcoming struggles with distribution
  • Reasons to be optimistic about the film world


Social Programme: networking drinks


Presentation of Certificates by Roger Corman and Kieran Corrigan